Selecting The Best Furnishings For People With Limited Mobility

Furnishing that helps support people with mobility issues can be essential in allowing them to maintain some independence. For instance, lift chairs can make it easier to get up from a seated position if you have limited strength or balance issues that require some assistance.  Lift Chairs The most common form of lift chair on the market is a standard chair like any other that you might see in a living room. Read More 

Seven Accessories For Maximizing CPAP Comfort

You shouldn't have to struggle with discomfort while undergoing CPAP therapy. If you're feeling uncomfortable using your CPAP machine, you could have trouble sleeping. Not getting enough rest at night can have severe consequences on your health over time, so achieving CPAP comfort is essential.  There are many accessories you can use with your CPAP machine so that you can maximize your comfort while you're sleeping. The following are seven CPAP accessories you can use to maximize comfort while using your machine. Read More 

Furniture Retailer ERP Selection: Things To Consider

Launching a furniture store is a major endeavor, and it's one that requires some careful preparation and organization. One of the things that you need to give careful thought to is how you're going to manage your inventory and customer accounts. When you're setting up your new business, you should invest in an enterprise resource planning system. Here's a look at what you need to know about choosing an ERP for furniture retail stores. Read More 

Buying A Motorized Chair For Your Medical Needs

Medical equipment is available for any kind of health issues you have. Today, motorized chairs are one of the most used types of equipment that you will find. About 3.6 million people use motorized chairs today, which is 1.5 percent of the population. If you think that one of these chairs might be of service to you and your life, read on.   The reasons you might need to get a motorized chair Read More 

3 Upgrades For Your Digital X-Ray System

Upgrading to digital x-ray is a step in the right direction for improving image quality and efficiency of results. There are more ways you can improve your current digital system so it can be used in more medical care settings and improve patient comfort. Mobile X-Ray The use of a mobile system increases patient access to imaging regardless of where they are located. One advantage of a mobile system is it can be used in locations where space is traditionally limited, such as doctor's offices or mobile care vans. Read More