Selecting The Best Furnishings For People With Limited Mobility

Furnishing that helps support people with mobility issues can be essential in allowing them to maintain some independence. For instance, lift chairs can make it easier to get up from a seated position if you have limited strength or balance issues that require some assistance. 

Lift Chairs

The most common form of lift chair on the market is a standard chair like any other that you might see in a living room. The chair has a hidden mechanism that allows the user to activate a button, raise the seat, and lean it forward, putting the user in a standing position in front of the chair. 

A lift chair stops the user from straining to get up and out of it and can be left up when you are not using it, so sitting down later is more effortless. The user only needs to back up to the chair and start to lower it while sitting on the seat until they are all the way down. This eliminates the risk of falling as you sit down and often means you no longer need someone to help guide you into the chair.

Some insurance companies consider a lift chair durable medical equipment and will help pay for it if your doctor deems it medically necessary. You will need to check with your doctor and your insurance company, but if a chair like this helps, it is worth the time to ask the question.

Lift Recliners

The same system used in a standard lift chair can also be used to build a lift recliner. Most stores that sell lift chairs will have a lift recliner of some form available to look at as well as standard chairs. If you would like to have the reclining feature, you do not have to give up the lift assistance to get it.

A lift recliner is heavy and hard to move around, so it is good to have a spot picked out for it when it is delivered. The delivery crew can put it in place for you and demonstrate the functions if you would like. Make sure you have enough space behind the chair to recline, and you will need to have an electrical outlet nearby to plug it into. 

Lift Loveseats

Several companies also make loveseats that are separated in two and have a lift chair on each side and independent recliners. These can be a great option if you need two lift chairs but have limited space in your home. The loveseat appears to be a standard loveseat with recliners, but when you need a boost to get up, the lift chair is there to help. 

For more information about lift chairs, recliners, or loveseats, contact a local supplier.