An Electroencephalogram Test — A Brain Performance Analysis

A seizure, a stroke, or a brain tumor could affect normal brainwave patterns. Doctors use an EEG test (Electroencephalogram) to detect a loss of brainwave function. This type of test is often used to confirm a diagnosis. The Preliminaries Any medical condition that your doctor thinks may have contributed to compromised brain performance may require that you undergo an EEG test. This testing process is relatively safe for anyone who hasn't had any preexisting medical conditions. Read More 

Can You Keep Track Of Your PPE Supplies?

If you use a lot of gloves, masks, gowns, and other PPE, or personal protective equipment, supplies during the month, you want to monitor your expenses for each item you need to replace. But if you don't know how much or how many supplies your staff uses each day, it may affect your budget at the end of the year. You can keep track of your PPE supplies and expenses with the right computer program. Read More 

Selecting The Best Furnishings For People With Limited Mobility

Furnishing that helps support people with mobility issues can be essential in allowing them to maintain some independence. For instance, lift chairs can make it easier to get up from a seated position if you have limited strength or balance issues that require some assistance.  Lift Chairs The most common form of lift chair on the market is a standard chair like any other that you might see in a living room. Read More