3 Upgrades For Your Digital X-Ray System

Upgrading to digital x-ray is a step in the right direction for improving image quality and efficiency of results. There are more ways you can improve your current digital system so it can be used in more medical care settings and improve patient comfort. Mobile X-Ray The use of a mobile system increases patient access to imaging regardless of where they are located. One advantage of a mobile system is it can be used in locations where space is traditionally limited, such as doctor's offices or mobile care vans. Read More 

Using An LSM Safely

Very powerful lasers, such as the LSM 510, can be very useful, but may also cause injuries if they are not used properly. Safe operation of the LSM relies on the right operating environment and proper maintenance. Operating an LSM The LSM 510 is largely operated using a computer, so you should be familiar with the operating system of the computer that will use the LSM 510 so you may use it safely. Read More