Using An LSM Safely

Very powerful lasers, such as the LSM 510, can be very useful, but may also cause injuries if they are not used properly. Safe operation of the LSM relies on the right operating environment and proper maintenance.

Operating an LSM

The LSM 510 is largely operated using a computer, so you should be familiar with the operating system of the computer that will use the LSM 510 so you may use it safely. The LSM 510 uses the WINDOWS NT 4.0 graphical user interface. 

Potential Hazards

The LSM 510 falls under the  laser hazard class 3 B. This means that it is considered a moderate risk for eye injuries. The laser emits visible light and direct exposure to the beam should be avoided. Even skin exposure can potentially cause damage. The laser can be so bright that staring at the dot on a surface as it is exposed to a laser will cause an eye injury.

Materials that are flammable can catch fire when exposed to the laser, so keep flammable materials a way and have a fire extinguisher available in case a material does ignite. However, the material typically needs to be exposed to the laser for a long period of time. 

The unit should not be setup near a heat source, such as a radiator or even direct sunlight. Too much exposure to heat can cause the LSM 510 to overheat.

Maintaining an LSM

Make sure that the wires for the unit are always properly connected. Before connecting the cable, verify that the mains voltage corresponds with the voltage for the rating plate of the module.

To use the LSM 510 safely, make sure that it is on a good condition so that it does not cause injuries to your patient. If you are not confident in the condition that the LSM 510 is currently in, make sure to hire a Zeiss service technician. Maintenance must never be performed by a technician who has not been trained by Zeiss and whom has been explicitly authorized to perform repairs. If the LSM is not maintained properly be a non-expert, it may not function properly or may even become damaged. 

LSM and the Work Environment

The LSM 510 uses covers designed to protect users from radiation. These covers must be installed properly to avoid injury to those operating it. Also, certain components must be protected from dust and moisture to avoid damage. There are various environmental hazards that are a threat to the laser equipment, such as electrostatic charges and vibrations. But when protecting the laser and properly maintaining it, the laser will be much safer to use.