Stylish Fixtures That Are Available In Residential Elevators

If you have mobility issues that make it difficult and perhaps even dangerous to navigate the stairs in your home, it's important to look for a solution. The answer to your struggles can come in the form of a residential elevator, which can allow you to freely move between levels without risk of injury. Residential elevators deliver the functionality that you need, but they can also be impressively stylish. This can not only make you feel pleased to use the elevator each time you enter it, but also happy to show off this addition to your visitors. Here are some stylish appointments that are often available.

Hardwood Paneling

A good way to give your new residential elevator a stylish appearance is to choose a model that has hardwood paneling inside. If you've ever ridden in an elevator in a luxury hotel or condo building, it may have had this wooden look — which can make it exciting to have a comparable look in your own home. Many elevator companies give you the choice of different woods and wood stains. One idea is to match the wood paneling to your hardwood flooring that is within sight of the elevator.

Metal Control Panel

You don't have to worry about a plastic control panel giving your residential elevator a generic look. You'll often have the ability to browse various metal options for this part of the elevator. It's best to choose a metal that works well with the hardwood paneling you select. For example, if you choose hardwood that has a dark brown color, a brushed aluminum control panel can offer a stylish look. If you want the control panel to have a flashier appearance, a stainless steel look may appeal to you.

Stylish Lighting

Even though your elevator ride from one floor to another will be short, you want the interior of this space to be stylishly lit. Residential elevator companies provide all sorts of options, including recessed lighting in the ceiling. If you enjoy this look in other areas of your home, including your kitchen or living room, you might want it in the elevator. Another potential option is lights built into the floor around the elevator's perimeter, similar to what you'd find in luxury hotels. Contact a residential elevator company, such as Vertical Options Elevator Services, to learn more about adding this equipment to your home, and be sure to inquire about the luxury appointments that are available.