3 Upgrades For Your Digital X-Ray System

Upgrading to digital x-ray is a step in the right direction for improving image quality and efficiency of results. There are more ways you can improve your current digital system so it can be used in more medical care settings and improve patient comfort.

Mobile X-Ray

The use of a mobile system increases patient access to imaging regardless of where they are located. One advantage of a mobile system is it can be used in locations where space is traditionally limited, such as doctor's offices or mobile care vans. Since x-ray is the most frequently used form of imaging, it makes sense to have the equipment readily available, in a more medical setting. Mobile x-rays provide enhanced capabilities that could be applicable for use in the field for first responders, medical flights, or military use. Many urgent care centers and emergency rooms make use of mobile x-rays because the same device can be moved from room to room without patients leaving their bed, especially when setting broken bones or reducing dislocations.

Dedicated Tablets

Many digital x-ray systems are easily integrated with mobile devices so medical professionals can quickly review images. Having dedicated tablets for imaging makes it easier to talk to patients about their results and show them the images in a portable manner, especially if they are confined to the bed. Medical professionals can easily consult with other members of the team and show the images without finding an available computer. To expand the functionality of tablets, you can add a docking station or keyboard. Radiologists can write their diagnostic report using the same tablet and other doctors who review the imaging can make notations in a quick and easy manner with a fully functioning tablet.

Flexible X-Ray Arm

The most useful upgrade you can make for your freestanding equipment is to have an x-ray arm that is capable of being positioned in almost any way. Although ceiling-mounted arms can be the most space-saving design, they are not always the most flexible in terms of positioning patients. Having a wall-mounted arm that is capable of being rotated and positioned at different angles means patients can stand, lie down, or sit during their x-rays. This reduces patient discomfort and they are less likely to move during x-rays if the patient can be manipulated less to achieve accurate images.

With many upgrades available for digital x-ray, most medical facilities can have improved access to equipment when there is limited space or in mobile care settings. For additional information, contact companies like VXS Imaging.