Can You Keep Track Of Your PPE Supplies?

If you use a lot of gloves, masks, gowns, and other PPE, or personal protective equipment, supplies during the month, you want to monitor your expenses for each item you need to replace. But if you don't know how much or how many supplies your staff uses each day, it may affect your budget at the end of the year. You can keep track of your PPE supplies and expenses with the right computer program. Learn how you can keep track of your supplies and expense below.

Why Should You Monitor Your Supplies?

If your company services a large area of the community, you may answer many calls during the day. In order to protect themselves and the people they serve, your workers may use a large number of PPE products to stay safe. However, gloves, gowns, and other PPE can quickly run out if you don't keep track of supplies. If you don't know when to replace your PPE supplies during the month, you may not have enough supplies on hand for your staff to use when the time comes. 

The funds needed to replace your PPE supplies can be substantial over time. The cost may increase if you need to replace the items unnecessarily. If you operate on a yearly budget, you may end up going over it before the year ends.

You can keep track of everything your staff uses with an online computer program. 

How Do You Find the Right Monitoring Program?

The online computer program you need to use should allow you to create a list of everything PPE you use in your company. The program should integrate easily with your company's website or computer system. You should be able to log into the program from anywhere in or outside your building as well.

To find the computer program you need to monitor your company's PPE and expenses, contact a consultant online. A consultant can create a program that caters to your company's unique needs. You want to use a program that makes replacing your supplies easier on you. 

For example, your program may come with features that allow your staff to check off the items they use after each job. Once the supplies reach a certain level, the program can send you a report that shows how many items you have left in your PPE supplies. You can use the report to replace or order the items before they run out completely.

Learn more about monitoring your PPE supplies and expenses by contacting a consultant, such as a netsuite consultant, today.