Seven Accessories For Maximizing CPAP Comfort

You shouldn't have to struggle with discomfort while undergoing CPAP therapy. If you're feeling uncomfortable using your CPAP machine, you could have trouble sleeping. Not getting enough rest at night can have severe consequences on your health over time, so achieving CPAP comfort is essential. 

There are many accessories you can use with your CPAP machine so that you can maximize your comfort while you're sleeping. The following are seven CPAP accessories you can use to maximize comfort while using your machine. 


A humidifier can help you if you're struggling with discomfort because of congestion issues resulting from CPAP therapy or sleep apnea. With a humidifier, the air you breathe in will be moister. This may help to relieve congestion and irritation as you sleep. 

CPAP pillow

A CPAP pillow is one of the best things you can invest in to stay comfortable lying down while using a CPAP machine.

These pillows are designed with holes cut into them to make room for your mask. This means that they can help accommodate your favorite sleeping position while you're using your CPAP equipment. 

Mask liners

If you're feeling general irritation from wearing your mask, you might want to try putting a mask liner under your mask. These liners are barriers between the mask and the patient's face. They can help reduce irritation by absorbing oils from the skin and providing some cushioning. 

Mask gel

Another effective way to create a barrier between your skin and mask to relieve irritation is by putting mask gel around mask edges. This can help to relieve chaffing. Mask gel also hydrates skin and prevents skin from becoming chapped and dried out due to CPAP machine use. 

Hose holder

Patients sometimes experience CPAP discomfort because their CPAP hose gets in the way while they're sleeping. A hose holder can help keep a CPAP hose out of the way while a patient sleeps. 

Longer hose

Another way to prevent CPAP therapy from restricting your movement as you sleep is to purchase a longer hose for your CPAP setup. This will give you more freedom to move in your sleep while undergoing CPAP treatment. 

Multiple masks

Some patients are more comfortable with CPAP if they invest in multiple masks. This way, they can alternate masks. With multiple masks, pressure isn't always put on the same parts of the face. This helps prevent discomfort along the edges of the mask where the mask meets the skin.