Furniture Retailer ERP Selection: Things To Consider

Launching a furniture store is a major endeavor, and it's one that requires some careful preparation and organization. One of the things that you need to give careful thought to is how you're going to manage your inventory and customer accounts. When you're setting up your new business, you should invest in an enterprise resource planning system. Here's a look at what you need to know about choosing an ERP for furniture retail stores.

Inventory Management Is Beneficial

Perhaps the biggest single factor in your selection of an enterprise resource planning system is the inventory management platform. If you want to keep your business running smoothly, fulfilling orders on time, and adequately staffed to meet production requirements, you need to have real-time monitoring of your inventory.

For furniture retailers, inventory management platforms should include database tables for the furniture type, size, and upholstery options. That way, you know at a glance what is available in each of your furniture categories at any given time.

Your inventory management platform should integrate directly into your manufacturing, warehouse, and sales departments. That way, everything is automated, which eliminates much of the human-error factor of manually keying information.

Custom-Order Opportunities Are Important

One of the keys to success with any furniture retailer is the ability to customize furniture options or produce specific pieces to order. When you are evaluating any enterprise resource planning software, it should include the capability for these custom orders.

When you can integrate custom furniture orders into your ERP platform, you'll have the ability to monitor trends with key reporting. This makes it far easier for you to plan your staffing needs in your production departments because you'll be able to see what kind of demand trends there are for custom furniture manufacturing beyond your traditional production lines.

Mobile Integration Meets Your Customers Where They Are

More than ever, consumers are turning to mobile platforms for their shopping and research needs. When you're looking for an ERP platform, you should also consider features that allow for mobile app management as well. This way, you can offer a mobile shopping platform for your customers, which may allow you to reach far more customers than you might otherwise. You might think that furniture retailers don't need to consider mobile integration, but even furniture buyers are looking to reduce the travel and in-store shopping times by researching online and placing their orders through mobile platforms. Find someone in your area to learn more about retail furniture store ERP software solutions.